Preschool is a great time to introduce the alphabet.  Most kids are interested and will be excited to learn to recognize letters.  The activities I will post are meant to be a fun and playful way to teach young children this important topic.   Starting next Saturday I will post a letter of the week art project. If you are ready to start preparing, here are a list of three letter and letter sound activities.

Prereading ~ Looking for letters

What you’ll need: Magazines ~ books ~ street signs

Look for the letter of week while doing ordinary tasks.  While ready a good night story, notice the “C” in the title.  Point out the “D” on the front of the catalog sitting at the doctor’s office.  Every time you say quietly to yourself  “Wow, another F!  Fish starts with F”  Your kids will be getting a mini lesson, and they won’t even know it.  Don’t be surprised if one day you find your kids spotting the letter of the week before you do!  You can also turn this into a game if you are in the car or walking through the grocery store.  “Let’s count how many L’s we see today.”

Pre reading ~ Letter sounds

What you’ll need: You ~ your little one

A fun way to start working on letter sounds is to use them during transitions.  When you are saying goodbye at a party, lean down and whisper in your little ones ear; “ J makes a “J” sound. Can you say goodbye to someone who’s name starts with a “J”?  If your kids are younger, or just not that interested in letter sounds then add another clue.  ““ J makes a “J” sound. Can you say goodbye to someone who’s name starts with a “J” and who wears glasses?”  Another transition time that is great is on the way to bed or going up stairs.  Have your little one stop after each step and ask the question. “A makes an “A” sound.  Can you think of a word that starts with “A”?  Make sure they guess before they move on.  If their answer is less than right, give a “Great try; octopus actually starts with O “O”.” Then let them move ahead.

Pre reading ~ Letter box

What you’ll need: A medium sized box~ objects beginning with the letter of the week

Handwrite or print out the letter of the week in both capital and lowercase.   For instance; Aa.  Attach it to the side of a medium sized box using tape, glue or contact paper.  Fill the box with items that start with that letter.  Encourage your kids to add to the box as they play around with the letter sound.

I will be posting a letter of the week every Saturday.  Next week will be the first, starting with the letter A.


About Jillian

I love to create. I have tried many different mediums; sewing, cake decorating and storytelling are some of my very favorites. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years (with a brief part time job somewhere in there.) Before I became a Mommy, I was co owner and teacher of a home family child care. I plan to jump right back into teaching preschool as soon as my kids are in school.
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