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Work on numbers with VALENTINES memory

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Valentines Day is right around the corner. . .can you feel the love?  I whipped up this little game to give M and M a little practice recognizing numbers as well as to stretch  their memory muscles.  They took a … Continue reading

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Mommy Fun Fact #6

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#6 process wins over product every time The difference between adults and kids is that while our goal is a neat, tidy and pretty finished piece; their goal is to experience the activity to its fullest.  So bite your tongue … Continue reading

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Making Friendship Bread and sharing with Friends

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If you follow my blog (umm. . .Katelyn, Erin, Valerie and NK, my mystery subscriber =)! ) you may have noticed that I mixed it up a bit this week!  Instead of listing the book review on Friday, I listed … Continue reading

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Letter of the week ~ E ~ Eggshells

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Oh. . . I love eggshells!  I got a really weird look from my Hubby when I asked where the egg shells were from his frittata.   Is he really still surprised with my material selections? what you need: Letter E ~  eggshells … Continue reading

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Book Review ~ must read FRIENDSHIP books

The Selfish Crocodile By Faustin Charels and Michael Terry Our copy of The Selfish Crocodile somehow ended up hiding under a bed.  We just found it. . . perfect timing!  In this fun book a grumpy crocodile won’t let any … Continue reading

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Building FRIENDSHIP with teamwork games

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Sibling wars are at a high in our house right now, so I thought an activity that forces them to work together would be perfect. Three Legged Race what you need: scarf ~ cones (or small objects) I set up … Continue reading

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Writing a FRIENDSHIP poem

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What more lovely subject is there, than friendship, to begin poetry?  I will admit, begrudgingly, that I really messed up the delivery on this activity.  What should have been a very easy short thing, turned into 4 days of torture.  So … Continue reading

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FRIENDSCAPE play mats; an art activity that becomes a toy

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Are you ready?  This is going to be a long one. . .but trust me it’ll be worth it!  What better way to kick off friend week than with our friends.  Of course around here we call them cousins.  You’ll … Continue reading

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Letter of the Week ~ D ~ Dogs from Dots

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I planned this activity without having any idea of how it would work out (not the wisest choice, i might add).  In then end the goal was accomplished; Little M and her cousin TL had fun, talked about the Letter … Continue reading

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Book Review ~ the children's books Mommy can't put down!

I have to admit, it is me that loves these books!  I have read them to the kids so many times that I can recite each one word for word (without the book). Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna … Continue reading

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