Book Review ~ books of LOVE

Enjoy a few books of LOVE for Valentines.

I Love You: A Rebus Poem
by Jean Marzollo  Illustrated by Suse Macdonald

This book is so simple and so sweet.  The extra special thing about this one is that on every page two words are replaced by pictures.  It give those prereaders a chance to join in on the storytelling.  There is a lot of room to expand on this book because the subject is all about matching.  (For example “every shoe loves a sock”  “every key loves a lock”.)  What other pairs can you think of?

My Love For You
By Susan L. Roth

The art in this book is so unique.  The author counts you through 10 animals on her way to describe just how much love she feels!  Susan L. Roth has a really cool website where she describes her artistic technique.   I can’t wait to comb through it and put together a fun art activity!

Wherever You Are my love will find you
by Nancy Tillman

This book is new to me.   The pictures and story are beautiful.  Each page is filled with love and the ways that love can follow, and find you no matter where you are.  I think we’ll be adding this to one of our favorite bedtime reads!

I’m always looking for a great new book, so email me your favorites.  Once I’ve had time to find them at the library, I’ll read them and pass the word along!



About Jillian

I love to create. I have tried many different mediums; sewing, cake decorating and storytelling are some of my very favorites. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years (with a brief part time job somewhere in there.) Before I became a Mommy, I was co owner and teacher of a home family child care. I plan to jump right back into teaching preschool as soon as my kids are in school.
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2 Responses to Book Review ~ books of LOVE

  1. We’ll have to check these out! Have been enjoying lots of Valentine’s Day books lately — my girls are really getting excited for V-day!

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