I am a mom. My kids are fun, fast and (because I’m slightly bias) fabulous!  Big M changed my world, as most children do.  He grabbed a hold of my quiet,  lazy, slow mo ways and came out running.   At 7 months old he was taking confident steps, and walk has NEVER been in his vocabulary! Big M is now a bouncing, curious and kind 5 year old.  Little M has a sweet smile that has always called for attention.  Her desire to amuse, and entertain is ever present.  She is the perfect combination of frilly dresses and dirty fingernails.  Little M is now a rhyme loving, twirling and independent 4 year old.

I am a wife. I have spent the last six years in love.  Chris is my creative, hardworking, and extremely huggable best friend. Lucky me.

I am a dog lover. Furry M (okay, this is purely by accident.  We do not have a weird fascination with the letter M!) is an energetic, shedding, and extremely sweet german shephard /lab.

I am a teacher. Besides a love for my kids (and well just kids in general) I have a degree in early childhood and 10 years experience as a preschool teacher.  Right now my “students” call me mom.  My favorite kid question?   “What did you learn today?”  There is something to learn in every situation.  I love figuring out what it is and how it can be expanded on.

I am a woman. A thirty something, mostly together, usually patient, and occasionally goofy woman.  I love chick flicks and crime shows, crafty blogs and mystery novels.  I love sewing, baking and sculpting with fondant.

I am Jill. . .and I hope you are enjoying as much as ME.


4 Responses to Me

  1. Thrilled to read your blog… MissJill (which is just permanently your name) what a great resource this will be for mommies with preschoolers.

    So blessed my boy was your student.

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  3. Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. I am not a mum (as yet) but you have great ideas for those with little ones. I shall have to let my twin sis know (she has twins herself so needs something to keep her princesses busy!)

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