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Letter of the week. . .week ~ Chicka Chicka Boom Boom flannel story

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Have you heard of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom?  If not, get in the car and drive to the bookstore. . .you MUST own this book!  Between teaching preschool and reading to my own little ones, no other book has had … Continue reading

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letter of the week. . .week ~ LETTER SOUND GAMES

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Playing with letter sounds is so much fun, we are always finding new ways to add in a little practice.  In fact tonight after our story I asked M and M to give me a word that started with the … Continue reading

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letter of the week. . .week ~ M BAG

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Do you remember the Mystery Bag activity Little M and T.L. enjoyed while we were exploring Sense of Touch?  I changed the rules just a bit to make it work for our letter of the week M Bag and “WOW” … Continue reading

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recording data. . .GARDENING research journal

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After we planted our seeds on Sunday, we came inside.  It was windy and really cold so I started a fire and spread the art mat out on the floor.  We got right to work on research journals to accompany … Continue reading

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make your own COLOR BINGO game

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We love to play games so when I was thinking of a fun activity to add to our color lesson plan, Color Bingo came to mind.  It was easy to make, and it will be even easier for you (since … Continue reading

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writing LOVE stories with your little loves

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Valentines is the perfect time of year to talk about love.  This week my lesson plan will revolve around the things we love.  Writing a Love Story is a simple activity that requires nothing more than some time with your little one. what … Continue reading

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Writing a FRIENDSHIP poem

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What more lovely subject is there, than friendship, to begin poetry?  I will admit, begrudgingly, that I really messed up the delivery on this activity.  What should have been a very easy short thing, turned into 4 days of torture.  So … Continue reading

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reach in the MYSTERY BAG. . . a sense of touch game

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This Mystery Bag activity reminds me a lot of Disappearing Shapes.  Mostly because I used them a lot when I was teaching preschool.  They are both so easy to set up that they make great time filler activities.  Plus, by … Continue reading

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Disappearing Shapes

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I love this activity.  It’s so simple, and free. . . I love simple and free.  It takes only minutes to set up and there isn’t even a mess to clean up after. . . my Hubby likes that. What … Continue reading

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Conversation Jar

I am so excited about this activity.  It combines two inspirations that have touched our home.  Years ago. . . and I am mean YEARS AGO. . . before I was a wife and mother, a d.j. on one of … Continue reading

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