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beginner GARDENING. . .planting seeds

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SPRING IS HERE!!!  Last year we tried tending our first little garden.  We planted sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins.  M and M had a lot of fun carving their pumpkins for Halloween, and we ALL loved the home grown tomatoes.   This … Continue reading

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Picky Mrs. Pickle book review and Prickly Pears

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Oh, oh, oh. . .you are going to LOVE this book review.  If you have not met Picky Mrs. Pickle, then I am thrilled to introduce you.  We found this book while teaching preschool and it quickly became a storytelling … Continue reading

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play in the rain. . .experimenting with MATERIALS

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I am feeling pretty quiet today.  Not my chatty self. . . WEIRD!  I have a great project to share though, so follow the pictures with brief descriptions and don’t worry I’ll have plenty to say tomorrow. what you need: rain … Continue reading

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enjoy the drops with an experimental RAIN WALK

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Have you ever met a kid who didn’t love to play in the rain?  We had a great time walking, splashing and learning in a downpour over the weekend.  Lucky for me, Auntie L took over the instruction and I … Continue reading

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beat rainy day blues with homemade PLAY DOUGH

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Around here we have play dough ready at all times.  I keep it in a plastic bin in my art cabinet.  Today I really wanted to do something different with it though.  So I made two different color batches of … Continue reading

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Chain Garland I’m not a huge fan of streamers so I decided to come up with something a little different for Little M’s princess party.  Chain garland was the answer. what you need: scrapbook paper or decorative paper ~ glue Although they were … Continue reading

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explore colors with GELATIN SQUEEZE

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Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone a bit?  Here is an activity that is a little different and a lot of fun! what you need: 8 packets of gelatin ~ eye droppers ~ food coloring ~ water … Continue reading

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for the LOVE of a mess ~ cornstarch and water

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Okay, this may be a stretch, but ever since Rachelle from Tinkerlab posted her goopy cornstarch I have been trying to work it into a lesson plan.  Of course Little M does LOVE a mess. . . so maybe I’m not that far … Continue reading

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Fortune cookies perfect for VALENTINES DAY

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I have been planning this activity since I came across the recipe for these homemade Fortune Cookies on Cooking with my Kid.   We had so much fun putting them together this morning, I can’t wait to make another batch. … Continue reading

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Making Friendship Bread and sharing with Friends

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If you follow my blog (umm. . .Katelyn, Erin, Valerie and NK, my mystery subscriber =)! ) you may have noticed that I mixed it up a bit this week!  Instead of listing the book review on Friday, I listed … Continue reading

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