Mom /Kid Stuff (aka My daily addiction)

Prudent Baby ~ If you are into any type of craft, and I mean ANY craft, this site will wow you.  I visit at least once a day, usually more.  There are tutorials, a variety of fun ideas, and a giveaway or two a week.

Cooking With My Kid ~ I consider myself pretty adventurous with my kids, and I’m certainly not afraid of a mess.  For some reason I have always reserved cooking for special  activities. When I found this site everything changed.  I have been cooking with my kids regularly.  I am happy to report Little M is quite the chef, she loves being in the kitchen and I love having her there.  (Make sure to try the Homemade Granola, it’s our favorite!)

Frugal Family Fun Blog ~ This Mom is something special.  The activities she posts are so fun, easy and always inexpensive.  I once prepared an activity of hers at 10pm on a Saturday, just because I couldn’t wait to get started!  Make sure to check out her Pretend Play on a Dime. . .GENIUS!!!

Tinkerlab ~ Every time I visit Tinkerlab I think “She is the coolest Mom!”  This Mom uses her education and experience to teach her daughter through the process and experimentation of art. . .and lucky us she’s willing to show us how to do it with our kids!

Close to my heart

Rileysworkshop ~ Okay. . .so he’s my hubby, but I swear I am not the only one who thinks he’s awesome! ~ Rachel recently did a photo shoot for us.  She is brilliantly talented and just getting started.


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