letter of the week. . .week ~ M BAG

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Do you remember the Mystery Bag activity Little M and T.L. enjoyed while we were exploring Sense of Touch?  I changed the rules just a bit to make it work for our letter of the week M Bag and “WOW” … Continue reading

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letter of the week. . .week ~ LETTER BOX

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Back in December I posted a list of letter activities great to accompany the letter of the week.  This week I am going to be introducing them again.  Since our letter of the week is M, and isn’t that fitting … Continue reading

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find a preschool series. . . part 2

Last week I started off the series with part 1 Finding Preschool Phone Numbers. Now that you have a list of numbers you may be wondering how to narrow that list down.  Obviously you are not going to waste your time visiting … Continue reading

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Letter of the week ~ L ~ Lacing

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Unfortunately the letter L bombed big time in our house.  Not once, but twice!  My first attempt was to do a little Leaf Rubbing onto a piece of paper with the Letter L.  Apparently leaf rubbing and I do not mix. … Continue reading

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Book Review ~ Gardening

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Scarecrow written by Cynthia Rylant  illustrated by Lauren Stinger There is a peacefulness to this book that begs for the words to be whispered.  The illustrations tell their own story and pausing to enjoy the picture happened on every page. … Continue reading

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painting a still life. . .GARDENING portrait

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I was really trying to find a good art activity to accompany our week of gardening.  I knew I wanted Little M to create a piece of art that would represent the peat pot still completely brown. . .waiting to … Continue reading

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recording data. . .GARDENING research journal

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After we planted our seeds on Sunday, we came inside.  It was windy and really cold so I started a fire and spread the art mat out on the floor.  We got right to work on research journals to accompany … Continue reading

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singing while we work. . .GARDENING song

I love to sing, always have, so we sing A LOT around here.  When we find a great song we can be heard singing it all day, and the best songs are the ones that can be added to or … Continue reading

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beginner GARDENING. . .planting seeds

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SPRING IS HERE!!!  Last year we tried tending our first little garden.  We planted sunflowers, tomatoes and pumpkins.  M and M had a lot of fun carving their pumpkins for Halloween, and we ALL loved the home grown tomatoes.   This … Continue reading

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find a preschool series…part 1

I have spent the last month searching for a perfect preschool to send Little M.  I have been overwhelmed, stressed out, and quite frankly a bit frustrated.  When I left one preschool disappointed that it was just not right, even … Continue reading

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