Something Extra

I needed a place to put all of the extra things I create.  The stuff that has nothing to do with lesson plans or book reviews!  So here is where it will land. . .a little something extra.

December 31, 2010 – Card Holder

Big M unwrapped 6 games this Christmas (and no that is not an exaggeration).  He played them each once, but has returned to his all time favorite: Phase 10 Twist.  So he can be found morning, noon and night at the table with whoever will say yes.  This game requires you to hold 10 cards.   His 5 year old brain might be able to handle the 8+ game, but his fingers can not. . . I needed to create a card holder.

Creating a wood card holder is on my Hubby’s to do list, but he has been very busy.  Lego’s will have to do for now.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Go fish, old maid. . . anything that requires your little one to hold cards.  Hooray for a simple, cheap (or free) idea!  The lego stand stays together with the games and Big M pulls it out when he needs it.  The cool thing is that he is actually learning to hold cards, because he’ll take 3 or 4 off the holder and fan them out in his hand.

what you need: legos

I used four long, flat, rectangle pieces to make the bottom.  Then I just added rectangle pieces until I had two rows.  The back row has to be taller than the front row so the cards will lean a little.  There are legs on Big M’s holder, I don’t know who added those.  It was probably Big M making the stand “his own”.

If you are game lovers like us, Phase 10 is a game you should own!  We have had Phase 10 in our house for about 15 years and it is still a game that everyone is up for playing.  You can have 2 players or 10 and it’s still fun. Plus regular old Phase 10 is only $5. (Phase 10 Twist is more expensive.)

December 22, 2010     ~     Grandma Christmas Gift

When I saw these DIY Cameo Plaques, I knew I just HAD to find a perfect occasion to make them.  When I started 3 days ago, I was scared.  Terrified actually, that I wouldn’t be able to get the fine detail required for a silhouette.  (I even tried to pass the job off to my detail oriented hubby).   Once I got started though I was amazed at how easy it was.  I whipped out 5 in 3 short days.  It only took that long because of dry time, and of course I worked my way through a couple of lesson plans as well!  I am pretty proud of myself, and I think my Momma is going to LOVE them!  What do you think?
















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